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Create a Wordpress Website

If you've been struggling to create a website you know what you're up against. Finding a web designer. Setting up a navigation system. Paying the web designer. 

Meanwhile, you're wondering, "Will this investment really pay off? What if I'm throwing time and money at a website and there's no market?"

Even if you already have a website, you might be thinking of creating a second, third or twenty-fifth to promote a very specific product or service. These days the "slice and dice" approach will attract more sales than the "jumbo with everything" style we used to have.

Many of my clients tell me they're held back because it takes too long to create a new website.

But what if you could put up a website in just an hour or attractive, professional presence on the Internet? What if you could skip the whole design process and start focusing on what makes money for you -- the content?

The truth is...

You can create a professional website faster and more easily than you believed possible.

christina hills headshotChristina Hills has a unique talent: she can take the most technical challenge and translate it into a marketing solution.

She knows how to tame the most challenging software (and who's got time for a manual these days...even if you can find one that' written in simple language).
Although she's known as the Shopping Cart Queen, Christina has broadened her scope. She help clients move step-by-step through everything from Twitter to teleseminar systems.
Christina lives with her family in Southern California.


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Cathy is a web site marketing coach and copywriter who's all about delivering results. She delivers step-by-step coaching and affordable solutions to Independent Professionals, authors, and small service businesses who want to sell more products and attract more clients with less effort. Enjoy her unique combination of irreverent humor and down-to-earth practical information.


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