When you think of developing an online presence or embarking on a makeover, do you anticipate needing weeks or months? I've heard estimates as long as six months or a full year.


While you are working on the perfect presence, you leave money on the table. At the same time a sloppy, thrown-together website will send the wrong message

On this call, I will share tips to complete your website renovation in 30 to 90 days...without sacrificing quality. I'll introduce some of my new programs that can help you get started.

This results-oriented teleseminar will give you tips and takeaways you can use immediately to plan your own renovation and makeover. I've been working with clients for a long time and just completed my own renovation, so you will get only the most relevant, up-to-the minute information.

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"I always know I'll get good information and even some gems from your calls. They're fun and entertaining but you always get right to the point, whether you're leading the call or interviewing another expert."

John Charles Steinmuller

“With so many teleseminars, I often find myself asking, “Why am I still hanging on?’ With your teleseminars, I always come away with information and a page of notes. You are a great host and an amazing interviewer.”

Rebecca Eisele


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